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The Gale started life back in 1855 as a georgian-style farmhouse to support the growing farmstead.

Various additions and extensions were added but it wasn’t until the mid-part of the 20th  century, that major enhancements and upgrades were commenced to the grounds.

An orchard was planted in the courtyard garden together with trees to the front and sides and a great lawn created (affectionately known as the ‘tennis’ lawn).

This endeavour was the brainchild and passion of Mrs Barbara Holliday who had an eye for detail and an appreciation for art.

With her farmer-husband focused on the growing farmstead of some 2,000+ acres, she curated and cultivated the garden whilst also finding time to acquire notable art and sculptures from the London galleries where she also had a small pied-terre in Chelsea.

After her husband, Ormy died suddenly in the early part of the 21st century, Barbara returned to The Gale where she lived out the rest of her life in relative isolation surrounded by her vast collection of art and peaceful gardens.

After dying in 2018, the art collection and sculptures were sold off raising over £665,000 towards the estate and the house and ground were left derelict for a number of years.

Following the division and sale of much of the estate, a local farmer purchased the house and accompanying farmstead and a large acreage.

We viewed The Gale in July 2021 and agreed a sale which was finally completed in April 2022.  We have spent considerable time, effort and funds to begin the restoration of this magnificent building and gardens to their former glorious state and are now open to the public to visit, stay and eat.

We welcome you to peruse our pages and come visit us soon.

Matthew and Anette


The Gale

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